January 28, 2013

Why 2012 Ended Horribly

I have had trouble willing myself to write since the inception of the new year. A big reason for this was that 2012 ended on such a depressing note. President Obama was re-elected, a maniac shot up an elementary school, and my 10 day old son died. I can easily say that the end of 2012 has been the worst time of my life. Ugh.

I am starting to get out of my funk though, and that's good. I terribly miss Justin, and I hope that never changes, but my life is starting to make sense again: the stratus clouds are clearing. Anyway, I hope to start up writing again once a month on Monday's. Next Monday i am gonig to be putting up a response to a video I just watched. After that, I am going to be finishing the series that i started last October.

May God stay with you all.