April 2, 2012

What's new with this blog

I don't know whether or not anyone has noticed, but I have been running this blog differently for the past few months. For the last couple of years I've been a bit frustrated that my readership hasn't really been growing. So I've been doing a few things to help bolster the numbers a bit:
  • I've been publishing consistantly. By that I am putting up a post every week, usually on Monday. In fact I am publishing this post now because my next post isn't ready.
  • I've been trying to be loose in my style. What is sad is that my recent writing to me constitutes as loose...
  • I've been more polemical. It's sad, but negative compaigning works.
  • I've been paying attention to what gets the most hits, which is posts about Calvinism, songs, and my old Devotional series (which I hope to be starting back up in the future).

So that's where I am, and I hope the blog continues to develop and grow. God bless.


bethyada said...

I have some sympathy for your situation. You put thought into what you write, you wish to share your insights, and find that few read what you have to say.

And although perhaps this should not be a consideration for a Christian, it is irksome to see other sites with less insightful content yet is frequented by many people with much commenting.

Some suggestions from me if you excuse the irony that my blog lacks high traffic. :)

Consider removing moderation and deleting inappropriate material. No one sees you as responsible for inane comments, but the lack of immediate posting is a negative. I may have mentioned this before.

Yours is a content blog, which means posts take some time to write. Consider quoting other material followed by your comments (agree or disagree). This should not take much time (though I find it does because I only comment on stuff I have thought much about and I spend too much time on spelling, grammar and formatting).

You may get more reciprocal reading if you comment on other blogs (you may already do this, I don't know).

Do you have church friends you talk to about these things? Could they visit and comment as time permits if you encourage them to do so?

Jc_Freak: said...

Thanks Joel for your comments. Most of the people at my church who have read my blog have complained that it is a little too heady for them, which is why they don't comment. I've been trying to write some simpler material, but its been difficult.

As far as comments are concerned I've been debating about putting them back. Originally I had it so that comments were free for 10 days and then restricted. However, i then had links to pornography being put up, and that is why I made every post moderated. I might change it back though, especially after your comments. We'll see.

Kevin Jackson said...

I enjoy the blog, keep up the good work. I've made some of the same observations regarding what gets the most hits.