Hello, this is my blog. I wanted to explain why I made this blog, and what I am looking for here and what I am not.

My intent with this blog is simply to get out my ideas with feedback. I think by talking and through discussion. Therefore, I do not see this as a mode of converting people to my opinion, but as a mode of thinking. By writing the ideas down, I shape my thoughts better, and if and when people challenge those ideas, I am able to address those challenges, and either correct or improve upon the original thought.

I had one professor in seminary who said that he was afraid that the seminary failed me to some degree by not allowing me to come to my professors in private as often as I needed with my thoughts (Many of the professors also had administrative duties, meaning they didn't have a lot of time to read many of the personal essays I would write). Though I wouldn't have used language that strong, I do agree that I am a person who needs to work out his thoughts with other people, often changing my opinion in conversation, much to the annoyance of my wife.

I would add that it is not my intention to convince other people of my opinions, nor be convinced by yours (though you are welcome to try). I used to debate a lot, and it became way too addictive. Instead, I simply want to get my ideas out there. I'm not opposed to debate mind you. I think there are a lot of important issues there that need to be stood up to. I am simply saying that it is not the purpose of this blog, and if you try to make it so, I may do many things to frustrate you. Also, if I seem stubborn, and unwilling to listen, remember my intent here is to think my own thoughts out, not necessarily to learn from you.

All this said, I do want to be challenged. If I am in error, I want to stop being in error. I also want to see if my ideas actually hold up to scrutiny. If you are willing to bear with this, than I encourage you to challenge me on any topic you will.

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