November 1, 2012

Little Saints Day

Well, today is All Saints Day, and I try to put up a story about a Christian martyr up every year in celebration. However, today is also the day of my son's funeral.

I didn't aim for today. It just happened to be the first day that we could hold it due to the weather. However, I think it is a good day to remember him on, because it reminds me of the kind of company that he is keeping. I know I can't hold him in my arms any more, but now he is being held by Jesus, and that's not a very bad place to be.

He'll be taught how to walk by Athanasius.
How to talk by the apostle Paul.
How to throw by Joshua.
How to dance by David.
How to sing by Charles Wesley.
How to love by Francis of Assissi.
How to work by Jim Elliot.

I imagine him laughing and crying with a great cloud of witnesses around him. It's a nice image to have while I'm saying goodbye. Remember, we cry for our loss, not theirs. I already miss him so much, and when I see him again he'll be fully grown. I look forward to that.

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