October 7, 2013

You Always Liked Mom Best*

It is wonderful having a son. I love being a father. And what is really precious are those moments when you recognize that he's figured something out for the first time. Watching his mind really work, and seeing him learn is absolutely amazing. Not to mention the times where we just wrestle on the bed, and I throw him really high when his mom isn't looking.

However, you know what isn't fun? When he only wants his mom. And I don't mean when he is playing with his mother and he doesn't want me to interrupt. I get that. I mean when he wants absolutely nothing to do with me. It is as if the fact that I am not his mother is an affront to all things good and decent in the world.

Now this wasn't exactly surprising. I was often told that younger children tend to prefer their mother. What is more surprising is how heartbreaking it can actually be! It is my own emotional reaction to being rejected by my son that really shocks me. It is especially because I know how artificial his preference is at the moment.

No, I'm not really planning on making some theological point out of all of this. I'm really just venting. Fortunately, my wife is excellent at not simply submitting to my son's demands. At the end of the day though, it often balances out, and we often have great fun.

* Anyone who catches the Smothers Brothers reference gets 20 internet points.

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bethyada said...

There are times when my son has been like that, as is still to an extent; but as they age there are times when they favour dad's presence. Let him grow.

(I confess it did not bother me.)