August 23, 2008

My Kiersy Results (archaic)

This is my Kiersy results as posted March 15th 2005. After this, I retook it, and fell on the thinking side of the T/F scale, though I was still rather close. So for those who would like to understand my personality better:

Introvert/Extrovert scale: Extrovert (big surprise).
This one I remember getting a six out of ten for extrovert. This doesn't mean shy vs outgoing. A shy extrovert, or an outgoing introvert is possible on this scale, though extroverts tend to be outgoing, and introverts tend to be shy. This is a reference to how one gets energized. An introvert finds energy in isolation and solitary, while extroverts find it in big crowds. For an extrovert, being with people in invigorating and exciting, while being alone drains your energy, and usually bores you. You would find that you can concentrate better in crowds then you can alone, and become easily distracted when you are by yourself.

Intuition (N)/ Sensory (S): Intuitive
This is how one tends to gather information. I remember being fairly balanced at this one too. This deals with how one tends to gather information. Sensory gathers it from the world, and they tend to be very observant. Intutitives tend to think about things indepthly, and derive their knowledge by contemplation. Those who are sensory rarely think for themselves, but those who are intuitive tend to come to conclusions without gaining sufficient data.

Thinking (T)/ Feeling (F): both
I was 50/50 here, so I got an X. this is how one reaches conclusions. Feeling means i come to conclusions based on emotive arguements. These people are sensitive to the people around them, and understand people easily. Drawback is a tendancy to be irrational about issues. Thinking refers to people who come to conclusions based on logic. One can think of a Vulcan, and get a fairly clear picture of the extreme. They tend to be cold towards people, but can get the practical solution to problems. I'm both. I'm sensitive to the needs around people, but I'm not afraid to be practical about a problem. I somewhat have the best of both worlds. However, on issues where emotion and logic conflict, decision making becomes difficult, and I become indecisive.

Judging (J)/ Perceiving (P): Perceiving
This is the one that I was the most extreme on. the first two were balanced, but leaned a certain direction, the third one was dead even. This one, I was like 5% Judging, 95% Percieving. The words dont sound anything like they mean. this is whether you are right or left brained. Judging (left) is someone who sticks to the meticulous details, and tends to be ridgid and organized. this isn't me. I'm perceiving (right), which tends to look at the big picture of things, not good at organization, and perfers to leave things open-ended. Another big difference is that a P is more likely to start projects, while a J is more likely to finish them

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