September 13, 2008

The End of the Reposting

Finally I am done simply reposting what I have posted on my previous blog. I hope that you have enjoyed going through this material as much as I have. It is always interesting looking back on what you have written in the past.

My intent with the rest of this blog is simply to get out my ideas with feedback. I think by talking and through discussion. Therefore, I do not see this as a mode of converting people to my opinion, but as a mode of thinking. By writing the ideas down, I shape my thoughts better, and if and when people challenge those ideas, I am able to address those challenges, and either correct or improve upon the original thought.

I had one professor in seminary who said that he was afraid that the seminary failed me to some degree but not allowing me to come to my professors in private more with my thoughts. Though I wouldn't have used language that strong, I do agree that I am a person who needs to work out his thoughts with other people, often changing my opinion in conversation, much to the annoyance of my wife.

So please, feel free to comment, as I do enjoy conversation. However, please be warned, I will converse back. Also, a couple of rules for commenting: Nothing dirty. I'll crop that out quickly. Also, please stay on topic, expecially on the older posts. I have this set so that I only moniter posts 10 days old and older. After that point, I'll be strict on seeing people stay on topic. However, on newer posts, I'm giving freer range of discussion, since they are new, and I want to generate discussion.

So, let the true blog begin.


bethyada said...

Concerning your blog layout.

You have quite long posts so I suggest that you widen your post column. There is plenty of space there.

You need to set a background colour for your footer as it seems to overlap both columns.

I am not sure how to put in a line between posts but if you download your template (go to layout, edit html, and click download) you could email it to me and I can have a look thru to give you some code that may help.

Several of your hyperlinks have the link written out, consider using words. For example in your side bar you write:

New Here?
I would suggest you start here:

But this would be better

New Here?
I would suggest you start here

I like your blogroll with the feeds. I guess you are using blogroll gadget. I still have a link list but may consider transferring them across.

Jc_Freak: said...

Thank you for your comments. I'll be emailing you shortly. :)

bethyada said...
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