July 16, 2012

Billy Birch Is Back

Billy Birch is a guy whose blog I've been following for some time, and someone who used to be a member of SEA. For those of us on the theological blogsphere, he is very well known. It is also well known that he committed a terrible sin a few months ago, shortly after he had left SEA in fact.

Well now he has a new blog: White Picket Fences. On it he talks about what he had done and why. I think it best if you read his own account. Personally, I find it very encouraging how much forgiveness he has recieved, even the one he hurt.

One important thing is that he idenifies the fundamental reason why he sinned: he kept his temptations a secret. This is incredibly powerful. In his book Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster identifies confession is one of the fundamental disciplines of Christian life. God designed the Christian walk to function as a community where we hold each other up, and defend each other. This includes defending each other from our own sins.

If you are struggling with a sin in your life, don't make Billy's mistake: confess it. Have your brothers and sisters in the Lord hold you accountable for what you do, and what you think. It is the most powerful way to stave off sin.


bethyada said...

I saw that recently when he commented on Kevin's blog. Been up since March?

I found his honesty refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, and thank you for your grace.

The blog has been up only a couple of weeks. I carried over some posts from an old blog and had to place them in dates, so I began from March onward.

Thank you as well for alerting me to that Foster book. It's on my list of books to order!

God bless.

bethyada said...

Billy, I posted a comment on your last blog just before you shut it down. If you want me to I can email you what I wrote?

Anonymous said...


Thanks! That would be okay with me. remonstrants@hotmail.com

Jc_Freak: said...


It is one of my favorite books. I did an entire summer going through it for my bible study.

Kevin Jackson said...

It's really nice to see Billy back. Foster's book is one of my favorites as well.