February 11, 2013

Continuing After A Brief Review

Before Justin's birth, I was doing a series about arguments for the existence of God in response to some questions I was being asked at the time. I have debated letting it go, but it think it is worthwhile to finish the series. Since it has been so long, I won't simply try to pick up where I left off. To some degree that can be confusing, but more importantly, at least to me, I want the series to be sequential when looking back. So I am going to be refreshing these posts tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then continue with the series the next two Mondays with new material.

I'll also be using this post as a series index, where the links will be added as the series publishes. So please enjoy the series "Why One Should Believe in God":


Anticipated Serendipity said...

would you mind if i linked this on FB? I have a friend, an atheist, who was asking about arguments in favor of believing in God.

Jc_Freak: said...

Sure, I don't mind.