August 26, 2008

The State of the State (archaic)

This is an interesting post I made. It was originally posted May 30th 2005.

A lot of the Christians around me are complaining about the state that the country is, especially about the power that the liberals have. Their response is that ever since the 1960s the "spirit of rebellion" has been prevalent in this nation because of the evil that took place during that time. (mind, it is mostly old people saying this)

However, I have to disagree to some degree. I think if a nation that is founded on Christian ideals, and is dominated by Christianity finds itself in moral corruption, it is the fault of the church. It is the church's responsibility to shape the morality of this nation, and we messed it up. We need to confess it, and repent it.

Here's a couple of things that I know we did wrong. First of all, we were content with surface morality. A true Christian church is one where the vilest sinner should feel comfortable to come to the front of the congregation, openly admit all his sin, and know that the church will help him deal with his sin, and get over any addiction. Also the a true church is one where when a hidden sin is discovered, it is uncovered, and dealt with.

In the 1950s, we were content with sin being present as long as people kept it quiet. THAT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE! And a lot of churches are still like this. If a man comes before your church, admits that he is a homosexual, and tells you that he wants to repent, you should not kick him out. You are supposed to embrace him, and love him, and help him with his goal.

The other big problem is the poor. This has more to do with why the liberals have so much power. A modern "liberal" believes that it is the government's responsibility to take care of the poor. They gained power, because the poor needed help. I believe, and any Christian should believe, that it is the Church's responsibility to take care of the poor.If the Church was doing its job, then there would have been no stronghold for the modern liberals to take advantage of.

The biggest issue is that this is still a problem. A: The poor don't need your money, they need personal assistance, and the church is the only kind of institution that can provide it. B: We are supposed to love sinners, and our enemies for that matter. The church today is way to reactionary, and has to look at American history objectively, and realize that we screwed up, and we have to make it right by repentance. And by repentance, I mean doing that which we weren't doing in the 1950s.

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