August 13, 2008

Some Simple Rules of Engagement

Here are some simple rules that I have when it comes to the comments.

  1. No cursing, or inappropriate comments. Such posts will be deleted.
  2. No slandering or name calling. Such posts may be deleted or responded to according to the host's discretion.
  3. Please no lecturing or elephant hurling. After the 10 day limit of free posting, I retain the right to clip overly verbose or arrogant comments. There isn't a hard or fast rule to this, but simply attempt to keep things conversational. However, before the 10 day limit, I'll just respond in kind.
  4. Treat Scripture appropriately. Any employment of the MGH will not be treated with respect. All Scriptural references will be considered in context, not as free floating aphorisms.
  5. Please remain on topic. After the 10 day limit, the host retains all rights to clip posts that dodge or deter from the topic at hand. This may refer to either the topic of the original post, or a topic that legitimately came up in the discussion. I will give a warning to get back on topic before clipping though.
  6. Don't provide a link as an argument. It's fine to give links, but if you provide one, use it as a source to what you are saying, or as literature that can supplement what you are saying. If you don't at least describe the argument, then you haven't made an argument.

That is really all that I ask. I will do my utmost to warn before deleting or clipping anything. I really do want to have free conversation here. These rules are only in place to ensure fair and clean dialogue.

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