September 4, 2008

Podcasts on Homosexuality

These are some podcasts on the subject of homosexuality that I wanted to keep tabs on, as well as my reactions to it. This was posted August 29th, 2006:

These two podcasts are very good, and back my own understanding on homosexuality. Mind you, I find the host of these podcasts to be a generic prat, but I like the speaker. I would like to do more research into this guy though. Curious what you guys think.

Scroll down for "Truths that Transform" and then do a search for "Male Homosexuality".

I will probably add my thoughts later on.


Ok, the speak in the podcast is named Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, and he is a clinician that works for helping men with homosexual issues. The primary thing that he is teaching on here is the nature vs. nurture issue.

First, here is the stance that I have had for some time founded solely on Scripture. Having sexual relations with someone of the same gender is wrong, what ever your reason is. However, considering all the data that I have ever recieved, and agreed that one is born with the problem. Thus, I considered in the same light as original sin: we are all born sinners, and these people are just born with a predisposition for that particular sin. But regardless of the reason why, it is possible to repent and be healed of it.

Dr. Nicolosi argues for the nurture argument. He states that homosexuality is not a sexual issue, but an attempt for a man who does not consider himself to be mascaline to "reach" or "get in touch with" mascalinity. However, he further argues, that this doesn't work since the results leave one feeling less mascaline, and that they only have relationships with men that have the same problem.

He mentions this one comment that a gay man made on a television program. This man saw another man, and said, "I either wanted to be him or have him." Dr. Nicolosi said this is primarily what is going on. They want to be a man, but can't, so they try to possess mascalinity relationally and sexually.

As a side note, he also differentiated between the term "gay" and "homosexual". A homosexual is shorthand for someone with a homosexual problem, someone attract to persons of the same gender. Gay is someone who as adopted the homosexual lifestyle as a self-identification.

As for myself, I'm inclined to believe him, since what he says is consistant with my own thoughts and experience with homosexuals. Additionally, he said that he has had a lot of success. Many men have turned away from homosexuality due to his techniques, which consist primarily of making them confortable with their own mascalinity. The only doubts I really have with what he is saying is that it sounds a bit too good to be true. The fact that I want him to be right makes me doubt whether I am objectively considering what he is saying. However, as of right now, I do support what he is saying, and I am interested in looking into his work.

BTW, he does mentions lesbians here and there. However, he works with men, so he goes into more detail with them. There is also a lot of interesting facts in there, as well his an indepth look at how homosexuality develops in the podcast. please listen to the podcast since you will get a lot more information out of it.


Kevin Jackson said...

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