April 24, 2011


Our eternal hope is not spending eternity in heaven. We are not waiting for Jesus to take us to some other plane of reality. We should not be content with justification.

Christians who are solely focused on the forgiveness of sins (which is important) forget that we have an eternal hope. I am forgiven, so how can I hope for something I already have. The cross tells us what we have now, but it is in the empty tomb that we can see what our future will be.

The relevance of the resurrection is not simply that it declares that Jesus is the Messiah, though it does that. It does not simply declare that our Savior is alive and present with us, though it does that. It does not simply declare that Jesus is power, though it does that.

Ultimately it tells us that Jesus defeated death itself, and we need no longer fear it. One day, we will share in His resurrection, and enjoy the same resurrected bodies that Jesus had. We will eat along our savior forever in the New Jerusalem, on the New Earth.

It is this hope that we are declared to share throughout all the world. And it is this hope that we celebrate today.

Happy Easter.

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