April 22, 2011

TGIGF: Thank God It's Good Friday

What I love about Good Friday is that it is the only holiday that I am aware of where we mournfully rejoice.

Mourn, for today is the day that the Lord died. Today is the day that the King of Kings sacrificed Himself. Today we mourn, and know that it was for us. He died to exonerate our sins. He died to kill Sin itself. He was beaten and bruised, scourged and flailed, hung and crucified. He bled today.

But rejoice, for today is the day is not the end. Death did not triumph over the Messiah, for it was mere flesh that was destroyed that day. Our savior lived on, and in three days hence our souls will look in awe on the power and grace of our God.

So today is a day to look back on a broken body on the cross. But it is also a day to look forward to an empty tomb. So come and mourn with me a while, for with us Christian, all mourning is for a short time.

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